Case study on Communication within organizations

Problem statement

On analyzing the background of the case, it is obvious that the major problem of Turner is his inability to integrate in the new organization and to gain respect of Cardullo and his colleagues. All his initiatives, including highly prospective and beneficial for the company, are left aside and ignored. In such a situation, Turner has to find the way to gain respect and to make Cardullo and other executives to take his opinion into account as well as to take the autonomy promised to him by Cardullo.

Analysis of the key alternatives

In such a situation, Turner has several alternatives.

First, he can create his own team and head to the top position in the company communicating directly to Oliver to get larger autonomy and the possibility to conduct policies independently of Cardullo.

Second, Turner can communicate to Cardullo and persuade him that his initiatives may be successful. However, it is obvious that this option can hardly be successful because Cardullo ignores Turner and, in all probability, considers him incompetent. Taking into consideration his stubbornness in his management style, Cardullo would hardly change his attitude to Turner.

Third, Turner could resign but this alternative would be a sort of escape from responsibility and new challenges.


Thus, Turner should choose the first option because this option is the most efficient one and allows Turner to realize his full potential, creative ideas, and implement his skills and abilities for the development of the company.


To improve his position in the company, Turner should focus on the development of the direct communication with Oliver and creation of his team.

First, Turner should unite employees, whom he hired. He has already recruited new employees, who can become his team members. In addition, he can rely on Kelly.

Second, he should develop his business plan and offer his plan to Oliver, sending him a memo or meeting Oliver in person.

In terms of his business plan, Turner should suggest possible improvement to improve the financial situation in the company, he can suggest his own pricing policy, different from the one suggested by Cardullo, he could develop other initiatives. In such a way, he can persuade Oliver that he can be an effective leader of the company, whereas methods and policies used by Cardullo are out-of-date and ineffective.

Third, Turner should get the large autonomy. As he persuades Oliver that his business plan and initiatives can increase the effectiveness of the organizational performance, the CEO can provide him with the possibility to implement his business plan and initiatives.

Finally, Turner should take the lead and through action prove Oliver that he is a more effective leader than Cardullo. For instance, his pricing policies can be more effective than that of Cardullo and other initiatives of Turner can improve the organizational performance consistently.

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