Case study on Communication within organizations


The communication within organizations is essential for their effective marketing performance. The introduction of a new employee or manager naturally raises the problem of his or her integration in the organizational structure and culture. The effective communication within the organization is essential for the successful integration of a new employee or manager. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the case of Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc.

Description of the case situation

In fact, Turner has just joined the company and he is a new team member in the company. He has taken the position of the vice-president and he works under Cardullo, who holds the position of the leader in the organization. However, Cardullo viewed people as either competent or incompetent and he had a very specific management style. In fact, Cardullo could not perceive people somewhere in between but either competent or incompetent. Therefore, if Cardullo considered someone incompetent, this individual would hardly gain his recognition and respect.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Turner had a different management style compared to Cardullo. Turner’s management style was more flexible and creative. Therefore, Turner wanted to develop a management style different from that of Cardullo. However, he had little knowledge of the company and he was a completely new man in the company. In fact, Cardullo did not introduce Turner anyone in the company. Hence, he had to develop relations with his subordinates and other professionals working in the company on his own. Cardullo ignored the fact that Turner needed his assistance to establish positive relations with other professionals working in the company.

At the same time, the company was still struggling financially that needed effective decisions and actions from the part of its top executives, while Turner has just dropped out of the team. In addition, Cardullo neglected Oliver’s suggestion to spend full time at MLI. Therefore, Turner could not perform autonomously. In spite of the fact that Turner was promised autonomy he still worked under the leadership of Cardullo and could not realize his full potential.

In addition, industrial market was new for Turner and he did not perform tasks, which he enjoyed before. Therefore, Turner had to change his management style and to adapt to the new specificity of his work. In such a situation, he had a few supporters. For instance, Kelly was a devoted assistant but she was actually the only individual in the company, who could support him.

Nevertheless, Turner attempted to improve the situation in the company. For instance, he has introduced some changes the staff firing ineffective employees and hiring new ones. In such a way, Turner attempted to increase the effectiveness of the organizational performance. In addition, Turner prepared business plan. These changes were essential taking into consideration financial difficulties of the company and cash flow problems.

However, Cardullo did not look like supporting Turner during meetings. Moreover, Cardullo did not support his mobile lighting initiative. In such a way, Cardullo demonstrated the lack of support of Turner’s initiatives and authority in the company. Instead, he demonstrated openly his indifference to initiatives of Turner. In all probability, Cardullo believed Turner to be incompetent, taking into consideration his past experience and the different industry

Turner worked in.

At the same time, new pricing scheme developed by Cardullo and critically perceived by Turner has failed. In such a way, Turner was reasonable in his criticism but Cardullo still ignored Turner’s opinion. As a result, the company has suffered from negative effects of the failure of the pricing policy developed by Cardullo.

Moreover, Chin was also supporting Cardullo but not Turner. In such a situation, Turner turned out to be an outcast in the company. Therefore, he has started to consider the possibility of resigning seeing no way out to improve relationships within the company and get integrated into the organization.

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