Classification Essay

A classification essay is a method of organizing the discussed problems into categories and providing certain examples for each problem in each category. A well-written classification essay serves three purposes. First of all, it arranges ideas into relevant and constructive categories as mentioned above. The categories contain detailed information which should not be excessive. By mentioning too many categories, a student will confuse the classification itself and make it perplexing. Secondly, the classification essay should be based on a specific organizing theory. It determines the arrangement of the categories. Finally, there should be a number of effective examples corresponding to each of the mentioned categories. However, there should be maintained the balance between the theory and examples which is an important aspect for writing a good classification essay.

Stating too much categories is an ineffective way of writing this type of essay. The amount of categories chosen for discussion sets a tempo for the whole essay. Besides, if a student focuses on a single category leaving others aside, the objective of the essay will not be fulfilled. It is also important to define the order in which you choose to present the categories. Some students choose to give the most worthy category first, while others place it in the end. Whatever way a student chooses, all categories should be clearly and concisely stated.

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