College Admission Essay Writing

Fall has came and also came the time when high school seniors have to complete applications for college admission. Writing an effective college admission essay has become very important.

College Application Essay Challenge

For most college high school students, autumn is probably the most stressful time period of their entire academic life. Most seniors are extremely aware of the competitive obstacles that they have to overcome to gain acceptance to a college of their dream. For many high school students, the easier part of applying to college is completing the college application; the difficult part is writing the College Admission Essay. For most high school seniors, writing college admission essay is one of the toughest challenges they have faced because everyone has advice about what it takes to write a successful college application essay.

College admission essay Pros and Advice

This situation become even more difficult for high school seniors because of the throngs of “experts” giving admission essay writing “tips” that o often advice students different and controversial information . Many years, high school students have been advised to only submit well-written applications and essays to colleges, which has resulted in some students writing formal and uninformative admission essays. Now many professionals recommend that applicants find ways to inject at least a single error into their application and/or college admission essay in order to appear to be more human to admission committees. Most high school college applicants are confused and frustrated with all of this “free” floating advice surrounding them.
College Admissions what do they want?

College admissions are looking for an insight into the student that isn’t revealed in letters of recommendation, test scores or transcripts. College admissions representatives are searching to find what makes an applicant unique. Admissions representatives are searching for the unquantifiable, the impalpable entity that exists beneath the surface of an applicant that makes them more than the expected stellar student, athlete or student leader. All College Admission Essay questions are aimed to show what individual students think and feel is important about their world, their environment or simply what a student feels is their place in the world.

What’s so difficult in college admission essay

Most college-bound students know how to write good term papers that earns top grades. The problem for most high school seniors is being able to define who they are, because most of them are still wondering the world and few know or understand what defines them as different from their friends or classmates. So, students’ college admission essay should be 500 to 750 words written in a very personal way and clearly defining who they are or describing what they have experienced.

Some college application essay writing tips

You need at least to weeks to write your college admission essay.
Express only genuine feelings
Be sure that your essay is focused
The college application essay is only a persuasive essay about you and how you feel about a particular subject.
There are no “right” or “wrong” admission essays, unless you choose to express yourself inappropriately.
Relax and be assured that you’ll do just fine.
Re-read, edit and re-read again. If possible, have someone proofread your essay before submission.
Avoid being or cute outright inappropriate

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