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American educational system is known for its democratic approach and that creates a core fail. Very often teenagers could hardly choose the classes they want to attend and that is why they often fail to end even the high school. According to the second theory by Du Bois, difficult intercultural relations at school or at the university could also influence the lack of motivation and desire to obtain the education. It makes education especially difficult for the racial minorities, as the majority representatives can oppress them easily. It goes without saying that current situation in the higher educational establishment is much better than it was 30 years ago, hence there are still too many problems observed.

The same time educational programs got to correspond to contemporary realities too: “The origins of this dropout problem have yet to be fully investigated. Evidence suggests a powerful role of the family in shaping educational and adult outcomes” (Heckman, LaFontaine, 2008). It goes without saying that family relations especially in multiracial families could also negatively influence on children and their will to promote education.

Measurers Aimed on Decreasing Dropout Rate

Already in the 21st century education sphere in the United States has passed through the reformation. The best known probably is No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, provided by President George W. Bush Administration. The financing of the project increased in 58%, but the researchers found it not enough, as the law has too many demands to educational establishments. Hence the new strategy has taken few steps, among them a number was aimed on decreasing the situation with drop-outs. According to Davies and Moore theory of stratification, the educational system of the United States was not perfectly function from its top that is why such changes should include all levels of education system and it needs complete reforming

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The core idea of the act is providing effective performing of students and teachers. It is a well known fact that No Child Left Behind Act is the latest federal law dealing with the theories of standards-based education reform, basing on the high standards setting and measurable goals establishment, which help to increase individual income from education. The NCLB Act is aimed on the development assessments of the main skills, spread within all students at the particular grade; these are requirements for the states, if they are intended to get federal funding for school. One of the most positive ideas of this act is the development of individual standards for each particular state, but not national standard. It goes without saying that such social permission would let to overcome racial segregation and interracial conflicts, as executives on the local levels are better informed about the problems in their region

An individual orientation is really significant. Every particular area has the problems that significantly differ from the problematic areas of the other region. That is why individual orientation is really one of the most significant achievements.

“NCLB Benefits Children, Empowers Parents, Supports Teachers and Strengthens Schools.

  • All children are counted under NCLB, and schools are responsible for making sure every child is learning.
  • Parents are given unprecedented information and new options for their children, which may include free tutoring.
  • Teachers utilize assessment data and scientifically based teaching methods to improve classroom instruction.
  • Schools identified as in need of improvement receive extra help and resources to raise student achievement (U.S. Department of Education, 2006).


The number of supportive actions provided by the federal government really helped in many problematic areas, the growth of financing also played a significant role and help to use innovation methods within the secondary education to make school interesting for the children. It goes without saying that different sociological approaches as it was observed have significant impact, on such important social events.














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