Custom essays: Improving of Emily Linden motivation in the Belcher Ltd company

In the Bletcher Ltd company Emily Linden was an enthusiastic employee when she began working in the accounting department, and Emily had made several recommendations to her boss that would improve the working process. But in fact her recommendations and efforts were not noticed and rewarded as they had to be. Also Emily received a 6 per cent merit increase, that was really lower then she expected and wanted, and lower that her college got, even though she knows that he lacked the skills to perform the job well enough to receive
a high reward.
Here we can see several problems: the first is that Emily really lacks motivation to work as her efforts are not noticed and not rewarded; the second is that she sees some unfair treatment of employees. These all make her dissatisfied with the work, and with her annual merit, so that she begins to think about new job.
In this situation we can see mistakes made by the management of the company in their HR policy and strategy. The company must provide good motivation for the employees, so to make them want to work. The second is that company must pay more attention to the analysis of work performance of employees, and to make rewards due to the actual achievements of employees, so they didn’t think their efforts are unnoticed.
For such managers who seek to strengthen the motivation of labor, the theory of expectations provides various opportunities for this. Since different people have different needs, then the concrete rewards they value differently. Consequently, the management of the organization should compare the proposed fee to the needs of employees and bring them into compliance.
In order to effectively motivate the manager must establish a relationship between results and rewards. In this regard, consideration should be given only for the efficient work: managers should establish high but realistic level of results expected from his subordinates, and provide good rewards for that.
Introduction of some tips and methods to stimulate employee’s motivation, based on theories of motivation of management, will help to improve relations in the team and staff work efficiency in the company.

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