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Improved system of control. Looking at the new technologies of Windows Server 2008 we see that it has improved system of control. That is meaning that maintaining control over your servers and networks, especially over access to them, is a top priority for administrators. Therefore, in Windows Server 2008 includes two new technologies that give administrators the most control over access to network servers: Network Access Protection and Services Internet Information Services 7.0.
Server Manager. new features in Windows Server 2008, providing a single interface through which administrators can perform all the steps for installing and configuring server roles and components of Windows Server 2008, and management. Server Manager replaces and combines the functions of several components of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, such as “Server Management”, “Configure Your Server Wizard” and “Add or Remove Programs”. With Server Manager you can configure different functions and roles of computers.
Windows PowerShell. New command-line shell supports more than 130 funds and built-in programming language. Through it, the administrator can easily control and securely automate routine tasks of systems management, especially across multiple servers. Windows PowerShell is does not require migration of existing scenarios and is ideally suited for automation of new features of Windows Server 2008. With the new scripting language, uniform syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell accelerates automation task management systems (Active Directory, Terminal Server, Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0, etc.) and takes into account the unique characteristics of media company. Windows PowerShell is easy to learn and use because it does not require programming skills. In addition, it supports the existing IT infrastructure, scripting and command line interface.
Internet Information Services 7.0. Windows Server 2008 provides a unified platform for Web publishing that integrates Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Services IIS 7.0 is a major improvement in the existing web server, Windows and play a central role in integrating Web platform technologies. They help developers and administrators to maintain maximum control over the network interfaces and the Internet with the help of key functions, which include: delegation of management, increasing security, reducing vulnerability, embedded control applications, and the state of Web services, as well as improved administration tools.
The controller read-only domain (RODC) is a new type of configuration domain controller in the operating system Windows Server 2008 enables organizations to easily deploy a domain controller in locations where there is no guarantee of their physical safety. Domain Controller RODC holds a read-only replica of the database of Active Directory for a particular domain. Prior to the release this version, users in branch offices, where it was not possible to ensure proper physical security of the domain controller should have been authenticated on the domain controller through a global network. In many cases, the path is irrational. Placing the available read only replica of the database of Active Directory is closer to the users of its affiliates, may reduce the time of login, and more efficient access to the resources of network authentication, even if you provide the proper physical security of a traditional domain controller is not realistic.

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