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The Extended Essay gives the student an opportunity to explore an academic topic in depth,
making it among the most valued components of the IB curriculum. With the Extended Essay,
every student has the opportunity to investigate a topic of his specific interest.
IB – a program for two years, after which students receive the IB International Baccalaureate which is recognized and accepted by universities in the UK and other countries. Courses at the IB program are offered in 40 public and private schools and colleges in the UK and also in 930 schools and colleges in 105 countries.
International Baccalaureate program can be an attractive alternative to A-level program for academically talented students who are looking for a more complete, complex and interesting curriculum. It includes languages, mathematics, humanities and natural sciences, creative things.
Students perform supervisory work in the process of learning, and at the end of the program. These test papers are checked by examiners of IB programs around the world. Grades for each class ranged from 1 to 7. Students who have received a total of 24 to 45 points, are entitled to receive IB Diploma.
The programme is difficult and interesting for both students and teachers. This complex and interesting program requires the full commitment of motivated students and teachers. Schools are required to continuously re-evaluation and improvement, using the standards and guidelines used by all IB schools in the world.
Also, students must pass strong comprehensive courses:
Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – “The Theory of Knowledge”. This course of philosophical plan, a sort of theory of research, methods and models of comprehension of the new. In short, these lessons are taught to learn and not afraid to argue in the search for truth, here gives a base for learning. The course also teaches students to write an essay to argue his point of view, to give definitions and formulate hypotheses, intelligently discuss.
Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – “Creativity, action, service”. Creativity may include release of the school newspaper, writing a script for the Christmas tree, etc. Action – is a sport, dancing – in short, all the mobile activities. Serving the community – is any activity aimed to help the disadvantaged, protecting the environment etc. – From children’s homes to help in the construction of the church. Participating in theater, sports, social work contributed to the fact that not only reveal their talents, but also develop important qualities such as attentiveness, caring about others and ability to work in a team.
By the end of the program, each student must write a so-called “detailed essay” (Extended Essay) amount of at least 4000 words. This must be the sort of record of the self-conducted research on a chosen topic, which is performed under the guidance of a teacher. This enables students to acquire the skills of research.
One major difference between the program IB – is first and foremost, the approach to the study of the subject. Typically, in IB program used different methods of analysis, emphasis on writing research papers and an independent experimental activities of students. To get the Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate, a student must complete the program and fulfilling all requirements: pass an examination in all six subjects (three subjects at advanced level and in three subjects at standard level), write the Extended Essay, and two of on Theory of Knowledge, work out at least 150 hours on the program Creativity, Action, Service completed and all projects and mini-projects. Each year about 30,000 students receive the IB.
The Extended Essay also gives the student an opportunity to explore an academic topic in depth, making it among the most valued components of the IB curriculum. With the Extended Essay, every student has the opportunity to investigate a topic of his own interest.
The IB program is open to any student who wishes to receive IB Diploma or Certificate.
Teachers IB programs are constantly subjected to analysis and seek to improve their teaching process. The teachers are IB World schools have access to the training center on the Internet. The Center provides documentation on the program, examples of student work, and also serves as an international center of communication for teachers program. They may consult with other teachers in IB schools around the world and place their own development as examples for other teachers.
Subject Area -the essay subject area is chosen by the student.
These subjects are:
English/Literature History Politics
Biology Mathematics Psychology
Chemistry Music Theater Arts
Economics Peace & Conflict Studies Visual Arts
Environmental Systems Philosophy World Religions
Geography Physics
An extended essay is useful for the students because in some way it can help develop new skills and to open possibilities and generate ideas. This is a very interesting experience, because the topics students are writing are of their interest and it is always a joy to do what you like and to talk about what is interesting for a person. Writing an extended essay helps students to find out about themselves, research something they have ever wanted and to investigate on a topic that has been interesting to them.
The purpose of the extended essay, to give students an opportunity to:
• conducting independent research on the topic focus;
• development of scientific research and communication skills;
• developing skills of creative and critical thinking;
• participation in a systematic process of research related to the theme;
• Experience excitement of intellectual discovery.
The IB program is open to any student who wishes to receive IB Diploma or Certificate.
Candidates for the full IB Diploma will use the extended essay or project in the CAS as their project seminar senior pupils SSE. Most students IB program participate in various sessions during school hours, in the early stages of realizing the importance of priorities which are set and not delaying cases until later. Upon completion of the program, students will acquire: ability to think international categories, finely honed skills of critical thinking, confidence in all their academic endeavors. Also, students will learn: conducting independent research, writing essays for college level, critical analysis of information, removing the context of reading, principles of effective learning, preparation of the balanced schedule. And students often receive: preference for admission to college, loans for College, admission to the program increased, training, scholarships.

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