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For young men, however, the Internet is the primary source of information and the majority of Americans younger than thirty prefer receiving news information online, their number has grown twice in comparison with the year 2007. NAA introduced “Moving to Mobile” as a tool that allows bring newspaper content to mobile devices and the tool has already got millions of wireless subscribers who prefer to stay mobile any time of the day (Malhotra). Rapid growth of electronic tablets and smart phones explains the popularity of the Internet and willingness to get news online several times a week, the news being available right in the pocket. If to consider later studies, the Pew Research Center reports that the Internet is the main news source for teenagers and people under thirty.
According to the latest study, “in 2010, 65 percent of people younger than 30 cited the Internet as their go-to source for news, nearly doubling from 34 percent in 2007. The number who consider television as their main news source dropped from 68 percent to 52 percent during that time” (Peters).

Less than fifty percent of those ages 30 to 59 say that the Internet is the key news source for them, and about thirty percent considered so in 2007. Television popularity also decreased a little at the period (from 71 percent to 63 percent). Those in the 51 to 64 age group still considered TV the main source of news, but presently the percentage of online news readers in this age group has also grown (Peters). The Internet provides users with Facebook and Twitter where the news attract millions of readers annually. And many news users turn to bloggers, search engines and message services that give them rapid access to versatile information though their credibility and value are continuously argued about.
Internet users also express concern on the online privacy and security online. Still the Internet use at home has grown dramatically as well as increased the hours spent online. Researchers find that the Internet overtakes print media and is inevitably becoming “the chief venue for news and information” while the old media cannot match it (Sniegowski).
Television and print news sources definitely have advantages providing more detailed information, being more convenient to watch or read and not requiring availability of the Internet connectivity. Still the Internet is cheap and widely spread today, it has lose standards where everyone can be a reporter and read instantly updated news in a variety of formats at any time of the day.
The Internet and other instant news sources are definitely signs of a publishing revolution that is taking place in the modern world and though print newspapers and online news versions have different priority issues and present information differently print will survive as it has to take its place in the modern media and information space (Blossom).

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