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Music topic is widely discussed theme in our society, because every person is interested in music and I would like to review in this paper one significant study that have been made on African music continuing on in American black music. I would like to talk about Melville Herkovits contribution into the study of above mentioned type of music.
Afro-American music is an interesting genre of music. In relation to this concept there will be always have a place hot debates both among musical critics and ordinary connoisseurs, and among admirers of this genre. If to compare lines, inherent to Afro-American tradition of past years with that is understood under African music today, then it is possible to come to the conclusion, that this style is dead for a long time. It was simply dragged apart on pieces by other musical genres and flows. But such judgement will be saturated with a retrograde character, and it will not have intelligent grain in itself. That is why it is necessary to think about Hercovits role in this question studying. In my opinion Melville Hercovits tried to explore the nature of not only musical relationships, but also his works were directed on cultural area of Afro-American cooperation. Hercovits created his monumental study The Myth of the Negro Past and due to it we see that presented “cultural tabulala rasa” theory is necessary part of our life. According to Hercovits’ studies we see that the dynamics of acculturation in the frames of two cultures is influenced by those integral elements of a foreign culture which are considered compatible with the native culture. Only in such balance both elements could be adapted and begin harmonically exist in concrete taken conditions.
Thus, basing on all above presented information we could say for the conclusion that under Afro-American music it is necessary to understand the foremost certain system of styles, incorporated by general lines. In my opinion Hercovits’ work could be considered necessary part of Afro-American music study and it should be used by the people who are interested in this direction.




Hercovits, M. (1941). The Myth of the Negro Past. New York.

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