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It goes without saying that obesity and weight control have become one of the most significant problems in the present day world. That is why it would be essential to note that a number of contemporary articles are dealing with such a burning theme. Speaking about the theme of this essay I would like to analyze one of such articles, theoretical and practical value, providing brief description and analyzing the structure and the resource it is supplied by. The examination of the article would include also the quality of representation and user friendliness of the article. The issue I am going to analyze is the long scientific article Obesity by Jerry R. Balentine, DO. FACEP and Ruchi Mathur, MD, edited by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD and Dennis Lee, MD.
As it was mentioned earlier the article deals with the subject of obesity and weight control, which is traditionally considered to be one of the most contradictory, as it could be viewed not only from the medical point of view but also from the psychological point of view as people who suffer on obesity often have significant psychological problems and need not only the nutrition consultant advise but also the help of professional psychologist.
From the very beginning I would like to make a stress on the fact that the article I am going to analyze is an explanatory one. It deals with the different questions related to the obesity and weight control. That is why it is not surprising that it is rather long. Hence the good navigation helps the reader easily to move to the subject he is interested in the most.

The article is written in easy and accessible language that could be perfectly understood by the people with different level of education and answer the most typical questions dealing with obesity. The article is well structured. It is subdivided on the 16 patterns, which deal with different obesity question. Also there are three slideshows attached to make the article more clear for the first time readers. The article is opened with the general description of what it obesity perfectly explaining the reader, what kind of disease is it: “The definition of obesity varies depending on what one reads, but in general, it is a chronic condition defined by an excess amount body fat. A certain amount of body fat is necessary for storing energy, heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions. The normal amount of body fat (expressed as percentage of body fat) is between 25%-30% in women and 18%-23% in men. Women with over 30% body fat and men with over 25% body fat are considered obese” (Balentine, Mathur). The explanation follows and the authors explain the readers how common obesity is and what are the reasons for falling in obesity. The detailed instructions and short paragraphs does not make the reader tired; the easy and light style help to get familiar to the information very quickly. The article proceeds and then it deals with the more complicated questions, which the same time, have a strong connection to the obesity questions such as: the measurement of weight and body index. A number of patterns are dealing with different subjects devoted to the one question the role of different treatments in order to provide a good effect for treatment. The article observes the role of diet, physical activity, surgery and medication treatment. The effect of non-traditional methods is also observed. The article reviews such themes as herbal fen/phen and meal substitutes, artificial sweeteners, and OTC products. In the end of the article we could examine different recommendation for those who seek for the successful and sage weigh programs, the additional materials represent the patients’ discussion of obesity question and the ability to find local internist (U. S. Only). It shows that Americans are really worried about obesity problem and eager to create effective guide for those who want to participate in weight loss programs.
The article is written as a user guide for those who seek to solve the question, professional authors are intended to explain the most difficult question and the patients’ discussions (in which the reader could participate himself/herself) make really good advantages for this article.
The article has a number of significant strong parts that make it useful and accepted. At first it is written by the graduated specialists and you can find information about them on the web page. The article provides expert answering on the majority of the obesity question and helps the reader to get familiar to the most difficult themes to understand. If there is left something unclear the discussion room welcomes the reader. It is written in easy and clear words and could be accepted by people of different age and education
Among the most significant weaknesses are: the length of the article. It is too long to read it at once; another significant disadvantage is that the reader could not write the authors personally and got to use additional methods to reach them if he is intended. The third significant drawback is that article is not specified to what category of people it is addressed. As the explanation is started from the very beginning and then go deeper to the understanding of the question on the profound level. I think that this could be unnecessary for those who seek general observation as it is started from it.
Analyzing the web site I would like to make a stress on the fact that it is medical web site, which is aimed on explaining the seek people in easy simple language what is going on and what they have to do. The article I analyzed was written by the doctors (you could even see their photos) for the patients, but you could not find the date of publishing the article. The site belongs to MedicineNet, Inc and exists for nearly 14 years. There could be found a number of different on-line tests to learn whether you sick or not. They also help in seeking for the particular physicians for the U. S. resident and are represented in different social networks. According to the data provided on the web page, the company employs nearly 70 professional physicians, which deal with the articles (one of them I analyzed) and answer the questions from the patients. The web page has .com domain and provide the write back ability. Owning a family of web sites the company MedicineNet, Inc provides career opportunities for those who seek to help people and publish WebMD the Magazine.

Jerry R. Balentine, DO. FACEP and Ruchi Mathur, MD (2010). Obesity. Reetrieved 24th April, 2010 from MedicineNet, Inc official web site

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