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Toyota wants to be a company that strives to set up operations in strict accordance with the requirements of not only the legislation in the sphere of ecology and wildlife, but also their own environmental policies, as well as in accordance with the Environmental Charter Toyota. In practice this means that every employee in the office or at work seeks to protect natural resources, namely, to save energy and water efficiently spend the paper, trying to take greater advantage of electronic space shuttles. Relations between management and employees of the company are based on the principles of social partnership. Toyota offers employees a competitive level of remuneration. Particular attention Toyota pays professional growth of staff. Ongoing programs operate education and training. Toyota has been active in charity and sponsorship activities, both independently and in partnership with public and state organizations, involving their employees to participate in the socio-effective projects in the social and environmental fields. Under the policy implemented by the social responsibility Toyota promotes the development of culture, sports and education. Particular attention is paid to the company’s programs related to safety on the roads. In particular, Toyota is constantly promoting the use of safety belts. The firm view of experts is the simple device has helped save the lives of millions of motorists in emergency situations on the road.
As indicated at the company’s website, Toyota is actively trying to take into account its mission and vision, the needs, goals, and objectives of the stakeholders. The company is striving to do its best to be competitive and implement more innovations into the cars of tomorrow. The vision and care of tomorrow is one of the main goals of Toyota Company.
Discussing environmental issues most often reduces to the fact that for the large companies it is difficult to combine in their work caring for the environment and permanent industrial and economic growth. The traditional position on this issue is that the company can achieve only one of these goals simultaneously, but never – both at once. In the corporate tradition of the Toyota there is a goal to achieve the unachievable. That is why the company is active in the environmental direction, tending to the harmonious economic growth and environmental performance.

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