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Corporate finance in the today’s world is a sphere of finance, which makes financial decisions, taken by business enterprises. Main aim of corporate finance nowadays is to manage firm’s financial risks and also to maximize corporate value.
Corporation is as an item of corporate law. It is a separated legal entity that has its own privileges which are bolted into corporate’s charter. From the end of the twentieth century corporations have become a dominant part of the life in economy. They rule the world, make their own rules, laws and definitions, although dictated by consumers and absorbed by corporations. The cost of capital is the cost of a company’s funds, and it can be defined as a cost that is associated with different types of capital. The basic idea in finance is the relationship between risk and return.
There exist two main forms of corporate governance in the world. Usually, corporation is headed by the board of directors. All the titled officers are usually chosen by board of directors to manage the corporation. Human Resources is a resource, that is considered to be the most vital for organizations of this century. Nowadays, financial management regulates the process of managing risks.
Performance measurement reflects a process when organization establishes the parameters, where the desired results are reached. This link between the behavior of the person and the organizational goals goes on a long way with upcoming results.

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Corporate finance. Corporate finance is the sphere of finance. It makes decisions, taken by business enterprises to make decisions, as well as includes discipline, that is divided into long- and short-term decisions, and they are connected with capital investments relying to long-term choices in projects which receive investments, if to finance that investment with equity or debt, and when or whether to pay dividends to shareholders. Corporate finance include relationships between the enterprise and its investors, their aim is to form effective usage of their own capital and to pay dividends and interests. Its main goal is to provide financial activity of organization. One of the goals in financial sphere of the enterprise is to find out optimal relation between the income of the business and financial risks. The other important side of the corporate finance are the decisions about the investments, in order to receive an additional income.
Financial management is very similar to accounting in organizations. Although the accounting does the calculations of operations which already happened, and the financial management looks into the future and does analyses of effectiveness and planning the upcoming financial operations.
The corporation. The corporation is a separated legal entity that has its own privileges which are bolted into corporate’s charter. Many corporations are registered with the local jurisdiction.
The major characteristic of the corporate form of business organization is a sharp line of distinction between the business and the owners. The corporation is a separate legal entity as well as a separate taxpayer. Nowadays corporations exist all over the word and, as usual, they are aware of the most modern technologies and they are very powerful. In today’s global world it is easier for the corporations to keep the majority of activities under control and to dictate the rules and to make up new.
There are two main forms of corporate governance in the world. Usually, corporation is headed with the help of board of directors, elected by the shareholders.Titled officers are chosen by the board of directors to successfully manage the corporation. The short-term decisions are called “Working capital management”. This group deals with the short-term balance of current assets and liabilities. Main points here are: inventories, managing cash, and short-term borrowing and lending.
There are five main characteristics of the business corporation:
 Legal personality;
 Transferable shares;
 Centralized management under a board structure;
 Shared ownership by contributors of capital.
Limited liability is the most important feature. If a corporation fails, shareholders ususally lose investments and employees almost for sure lose jobs, although owners won’t be liable for debts in future.

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