Custom research paper on Post-Modernism and the Twenty-First Century

Postmodernist writers create works of art in which is not present either heroes, or persons, leaders. Creators of postmodernist art remove a tracing-paper from democratic processes in the products where everything is directed on the destruction of hierarchy of values, equalising «sacred and devilish», oblivion of names and dates, mixing of styles and times, ironical perception of tradition, history, and authorities.
Postmodernist art has reacted to this social “inquiry” of ideas of “double coding”, i.e. combination in one product of two addressees: the cultural elite and the person “from street”.The public consciousness is characterised by complexity and diversity.
Almost all ancient forms of consciousness have returned to culture of the end of the XX-th century. In what it can result? Pluralism makes an active freedom of the individual beginning in the person now as though it is authorised to them to combine in the experience and thinking scientific character and mysticism.
Undoubtedly, it gives the chance to the person to be more susceptible to all new, expands horizon for productive creativity. But, on the other hand, the boundless pluralism does culture unstable, no equilibrium, fragile, creates in it the dangerous pressure, able to overturn it in chaos incompatible with each other world interpretations that threatens with approach of an epoch of general dissociation and mutual misunderstanding. custom research paper
The situation when “all in dissonance with all” when diverse, inconsistent cultural both world outlook installations and ways of the relation to the world and a society co-exist, can be resolved in two ways: or the culture will not manage to get out of chaos and uncertainty that is fraught with its destruction, an apocalypse, or there will be a synthesis pagan, archaic, mystical, scientific etc. outlooks that will provide transition to any new cultural order and the outlook meaning change of a cultural paradigm.
Life has changed radically during a reorganisation in a country. The cultural life became more difficult, more variously incomparably. There was a set of new theatres and studios.
A huge, versatile period of a cultural history of XX century not moving to an unequivocal estimation has approached to the end. Its development of three factors was defining: socio-political, national and international, ideologically-art. They have filled with themselves an historical situation of the XX-th century.
The occurrence of post-modernism
According to Ilyin I. a question about the occurrence of post-modernism remains disputable nowadays. Undoubtedly, post-modernism has arisen as an art phenomenon.
The occurrence of new post-modernist forms has been noted in the mid-fifties of the XX-th century in the USA in such areas of culture as architecture, sculpture and a painting. Then it has extended in the literature and music.
Post-modernism has such characteristics of style as a conscious orientation on the ironicalness, game style, parody reconsideration of traditions and the aversion of division of art on elite and mass.
The theoretical judgment of a new art reality was in past. Post-structuralism as the special complex of ideas and representations of a world outlook became the basis on which post-modernism has started to grow ripe because a wide ideological current has served and carried out an expansion to all spheres of socially-humanitarian knowledge, to all spheres of a public life, applying for the status at first the general theory of the modern art, and then the special mentality, the fullest expression of “spirit of the age”.

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