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The development of effective human resources management in the contemporary business environment raises a number of problems in terms of the attraction of new employees and implementation of effective hiring strategies and methods. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the US military, which is one of the most influential structures in the US. In spite of the impact and huge organizational structure, the US military still faces the problem of hiring new professionals. In such a situation, the US military needs the development of effective hiring strategies. In this respect, it is possible to recommend focusing on the elaboration of new branding strategies, which can help the US military to attract new recruits and hire new professionals. In actuality, the US military needs the enhancement of its position and improvement of its human resource management because the US conducts military operations worldwide that naturally raises the problem of the employment of well-qualified professionals, who can perform their professional duties properly. In such a situation, the creation of positive brand and the attraction of new professionals are essential for the fulfillment of strategic goals of the US military. custom research paper
On analyzing the situation in the US military, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that today the US military needs to recruit new employees to conduct its operations successfully. In actuality, the US military conducts different military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and needs the enhancement of the national defense to protect the US from possible external threats. In such a situation, the employment of new professionals is essential. At the same time, the US army faces the problem of retirement of professionals, who have served in the US army and are willing to retire, including those professionals, who have taken part in military operations. Therefore, the retirement of professionals from the US army increases the demand on hiring new professionals to replace the retired ones. On the other hand, it is obvious that traditional strategies and methods of hiring new professionals fail to work effectively. At any rate, the US army needs to develop new strategies of hiring professionals to attract more well-qualified specialists, who can perform their functions properly and who can meet the needs of the US army.
In this respect, it is possible to suggest several strategies, which aim at the formation of a positive brand of the US army to attract new professionals. First of all, the US army should stress the reliability of the US military and present the service in the US army as an excellent opportunity to get a stable and well-paid job, which opens wide prospects for professional development as well as provides opportunities for making a successful career for the most talented professionals. To put it more precisely, the hiring promotional campaign should stress that the US army is the place, where professionals sign a contract and they will work till the contract is complete without any risk of job cuts. Therefore, whatever the economic situation in the country is, professionals working in the US army can always count for their job and payments according to their contract. In addition, applicants should be aware of the fact that applicants can be certain in their future, if they choose to join the US army. The US army provides its employees with ample opportunities to work in terms of their contract without any risk of losing their job because the US army is strategically important for the US and the government funds the US army and its professionals. Consequently, professionals working in the US army can gain considerable benefits from joining it.

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