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The major advantages of employment in Tesco
Recruiting efforts will definitely be unsuccessful if there are no strong and evident advantages of working for a certain employer that are known to the public. Therefore, Tesco team has developed and published on the company’s website the list of advantages of employment in Tesco. Among these advantages are:
Trust and respect;
Support and gratitude of colleagues and management;
Interesting occupation;
The company welcomes everyone;
Team work is a priority;
Sharing of knowledge and experience with a team.
I should also discuss “Every Little Helps” principle developed by Tesco that relates to the human resource policies as well as other sectors of the company’s activity: “The philosophy of Every Little Helps is behind everything we do – it’s not just something we say, we really do mean it. Really.” (from
It’s a significant principle that is concentrated on the development and constant improvements, on doing extraordinary things, on developing leadership and other vital skills. What efforts does company apply to follow the principle “Every Little Helps”? It is based on several development programmes for Tesco staff, on constant training, on talent planning programme, on graduate programme, on promotion tactics.
The stages of recruitment process
The recruitment process in the company consists of the following stages: a workforce planning, defining the needed skills and creating the job description, attracting the right candidates and recruiting, selecting, and accepting chosen people into the company.

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Workforce planning
Let’s start the analysis with the first stage of recruitment process which is a workforce planning.
The planning of workforce means the process of estimating future needs for people in terms of numbers, skills and locations. The organization has to plan how needs for people in numbers, skills and locations may be met with the help of recruitment.
The strategic planning is crucial for any company, especially for the international giants like Tesco. And of course, due to the fact that the business develops and constantly grows, the company has to hire a new staff on a regular basis for each sector of its activity.
Why do positions appear? They became available for a number of causes:
Openings for the new positions may be caused by openings of new Tesco stores in the UK or in other countries;
If the previous employer has left for a various reasons (retirement, resigning or internal promotion);
Introduction of the new types of job positions (for example, as a result of changes of process).
The planning of the personnel is used to define the demand for a new people. And there is no exception; the demand is estimated both for managerial and non-managerial positions demand.
Usually, there is a certain timeline, for the workforce planning. It starts from the last week in February on the annual basis and then it is being reviewed quarterly. This way company ensures that staffing levels are estimated and in the case the recruit is necessary, the new candidate is provided.
The other advantages of this consistent approach to recruitment planning are sufficient time and flexibility that are given to the organization to meet the need in personnel. Consequently, it also helps Tesco to fulfill strategic objectives such as new openings or maintenance of service standards.
The peculiarity of Tesco is the one that I’ve already mentioned in the introduction: it tries to fill many vacancies from within.
The talent planning tactic is also used, because it motivates people to become leaders to develop their careers in the company.
There are definite opportunities of promotion that are guaranteed to the Tesco team. For instance, according to the annual appraisal scheme, people may apply for another positions within the company.
Any member of Tesco team may develop a career plan with Tesco by identifying certain roles suitable for him/ her.
Their head manager has to define the sets of skills, competencies and behaviors that are required for these certain positions. Also the necessary kind and amount of training and the time for preparation to the job are defined.
This kind of recruiting planning makes the achievement of the business objectives possible; at the same time Tesco staff is able to achieve their personal and career objectives. (
Besides mentioned elements of workforce planning, another crucial part is making clear job descriptions and person specifications.
What are the basic requirements for any Tesco employee? According to the official website (from, the successful candidate should be able to be:
“Passionate about retail.
Focusing on the customer and striving to understand them better than anyone.
Driven to achieve results through determination and commitment.
Committed to treating people in a fair and consistent way.
Willing to roll their sleeves up to get things done.
Determined to respond energetically to customer feedback.
Motivated to work in partnership with others to achieve individual and team objectives.
Adaptable and flexible to thrive in a 24/7 business.
Devoted to seeking feedback on their performance and investing time in their own development.” (
Let’s continue with the explanation what are the major elements of job description:
• The title of the job;
• To whom the job holder is responsible;
• For whom the job holder is responsible;
• A list of functions and responsibilities (
What is a person specification needed for? It indicates the skills, characteristics and attributes for a certain position within the company.
These two elements combined form the information for the job advertisements. These descriptions help to understand the expectations of the employer.

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