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As a result, the use of wireless technologies becomes more and more popular but wireless technologies are still associated with certain risks and threats (Behzad, 2003). In this regard, specialists (Behzad, 2003) distinguish three major groups of risks and threats associated with wireless technologies. First, natural factors, such as natural disasters, may expose wireless technologies to serious threats to the extent that wireless technologies may fail to function properly. In this regard, natural factors are difficult to foresee and even more difficult to prevent. At the same time, there are human-related threats, which should be prevented through the improvement of technologies and enhancement of legislation protecting private information from unauthorized access. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish hacking and cracking as one of the human-related threats to the proper functioning of wireless technologies. This threat grows more and more widely-spread as hacking and cracking keep progressing. However, hacking and cracking do not always lead to consistent financial losses or substantial damages to wireless technologies and their users. In this regard, illegal computer activities are more dangerous than routine hacking and cracking because these activities often lead to identity thefts and other cyber crimes, which can cause substantial damages not only to individual users but also to large organizations. Therefore, wireless technologies, being vulnerable to illegal computer activities, need to develop and implement effective information system and information security.

Thus, wireless technologies face three types of threats: hacking/cracking, illegal computer crimes, natural/environmental threats, such as natural disasters. All these threats have to be prevented, whereas human-related threats are particularly dangerous because they lead to information breaches and violation privacy and other rights.

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This chapter focuses on the methods used in the current study, which help to identify the major problems and threats associated with wireless technologies.
The current research involves the use of qualitative methods of analysis, including interviews, questionnaires and focus groups. These method help to identify the major threats wireless technologies are currently facing and ways t their solution.


Research Design

The study of threats wireless technologies are vulnerable should involve the use of effective methods, which allow conducting detailed qualitative analysis of the current development of wireless technologies, existing threats and possible strategies for data protection and improvement of the information security. In this regard, the study focuses on the use of diverse methods of qualitative analysis, which help to identify the major threats and possible solutions to existing and potential problems wireless technologies may face in the future. However, first of all, it is necessary to define the subjects involved in the study.





Scope of the Research

The study focuses on the major threats and current situation in wireless technologies. In addition, the study aims at the elaboration of mechanisms of prevention of existing threats to users of wireless technologies.
Research Questions

The development of wireless technologies raises several questions:
• What are advantages of wireless technologies over traditional technologies?
• What are the threats wireless technologies are vulnerable to?
In this regard, it is possible to distinguish three major domains of the study:
• Natural disaster
• Hacking/cracking
Illegal computer activities

The hypothesis that the development of wireless technologies outpaces the development of means of the protection of data and private information, making wireless networks and technologies vulnerable to external and internal threats, including the negative impact of natural disasters, hacking/cracking, and illegal computer activities. On the other hand, wireless technologies may need the development of new information system, which have the higher degree of protection and which are capable to protect data and private information stored and transmitted with the help of wireless technologies.

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