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The 54th president of America has at the moment become probably the most controversial and discussed political figure in the country, as well as globally. Donald Trump won the presidential election 2016 and presented himself as a unique personality and politician. This is the reason, why numerous experts and analytics are trying to make the research of his attitudes and approaches in order to predict his future line of behaviour after inauguration.

Trump is known to have changed his party affiliations and was a Reform Party candidate. He presented his positions upon various social and economic issues like for example abortion, progressive taxation, health care position of the government, etc. Mass media has already commented about the position of Trump, naming him “populist”, because the approaches of Trump used to be different, sometimes even controversial. Trump commented this in the following way: “I have evolved on many issues. There are some issues that are very much the same, I’ve been constant on many issues. But I have evolved on certain issues.” Whether this commentary was close to reality, it would be clear later.

Trump had generally expressed his negative attitude towards abortion, as he took the position “pro-life” and claimed that he is for traditional marriage. Thus he was against the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling and their legalisation of the same-sex marriages. Trump also stated that he was for gun control, still analysing the shift of his views, it is possible to state that his attitude towards this issues used to be different.

The reduction of the corporate tax rate was included into the tax plan of the Trump’s campaign, as well as personal income taxes should be reduced to 25 %. On the basis of the plan, offered by Trump, there is a high risk that a family, where there is one earner having $20,000 and $200,000, would have to pay higher taxes, than nowadays. There are already predictions made that there would be problems in economic sphere due to job losses and recession. Most of the experts agree that even if Trump’s plans could become short-term gaining, they could be risky for longer perspective. Trump had never been a great supporter of the political decisions of Obama, thus there is no wonder that he had expressed an intention to substitute Obama’s Affordable Care Act with a kind of different health care plan, according to which more control over the Medicaid would be passed to the states.

A lot of controversies are related to foreign policies and views of Donald Trump upon them. He is considered to be non-internationalist and nationalist. He is convinced that there is a need to increase the spending for military defence of America and thinks it is good to reduce the connection to NATO. Trump is convinced that America is to concentrate upon internal domestic needs of the country. He was rather abrupt in his suggestions about confronting ISIS, offering to seize the oil in the areas, occupied by ISIS with the help of American air power and ground troops. These are just some examples of the major positions of the 54th president of America and as soon as he gets the complete power, it would be evident, whether his claims were true.


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