What do all proposals have in common? They’re reusable. One good model, with tweaking here and there, should last years. Otherwise, they run the gamut from four paragraphs to 300 pages, from discussing one service or product to a virtual candy store of possibilities.

First paragraph : Show the reader the benefits of your product or service.

Body : Elaborate on those benefits, show additional benefits, or describe your methods. Focus on time and money savings when possible.
Conclusion : For short documents, end with the last point and prices when appropriate. For longer documents, end with a summary and prices.

Writing Well, Inc., Proposal
Gilbert Development

Writing Well, Inc., will meet with your employees to help them improve their writing skills in a series of one-hour weekly coaching sessions in your office. During that time, we will help your employees revise the materials they write every day, such as letters, proposals, and evaluations.

The main focus of these sessions will be to help employees isolate and revise their poor writing habits and use their writing strengths to the absolute maximum. Some of the areas we will cover include:

Active voice . Most business writers use the passive voice, separating the actor from the action. This creates awkward sentence structure, confusing language, and wordiness. We will help your employees identify their passive problems and create a direct active voice instead.

Positive, professional tone . Letters, proposals, and other customer-oriented documents must be as friendly and positive as possible — even when delivering bad news. In the coaching sessions, we will help employees create an appropriate tone to both intrigue the reader and reflect the company’s image.

Concise word use . The contemporary reader has a shorter attention span than ever before. That’s why our coaching sessions help individuals learn to cut unnecessary words, eliminate tired expressions, and replace clichs with lively alternatives. We also give employees tricks for identifying wordiness without actually reading the document and methods for creating quick revisions.
In addition, we will check for smooth structure and appropriate transitions and will help your employees create professional- sounding letter models whenever possible. The investment in this service is $125 an hour. We can work within your budget and pace the information accordingly.

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